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Top 5 Tips For Eco-Friendly Travel

Everybody is freaked out with what humans have done to Earth, and even though it is our deed.

Everybody is freaked out with what humans have done to Earth, and even though it is our deed, we must assume the responsibility to restore it or at least sustain it as long as we can.

Exploitation and reckless endangerment of wildlife and environment have caused us the extinction of several species of flora and fauna which were treasured.

Therefore, we bring to you some of the top eco-traveling tips to reduce your carbon footprint from the size of a giant to a baby.

1. A little less with the luggage

It is common for people to carry large luggage every time they travel, thinking they would need all those items, but they end up using half of them.
Having a piece of large luggage leads to a larger carbon footprint. Carrying five suitcases would not only cost you more on a flight but would also lead to more carbon emissions. A piece of luggage with the necessities and required clothes is enough to enjoy a vacation. Try abandoning the extra luggage to opt for eco-traveling!

2. Go plastic-free

As soon as we step out of the bounds of our place, we leave more non-eco-friendly trails than necessary. Our phones are always ringing with texts and videos that display the current scenario of Earth and yet we, as tourists, are seen polluting places with a divinity only some possess.
Whether they are places with great significance or forests with serene views, plastic makes a special appearance everywhere. For once, try using metal tumblers for water or coffee rather than plastic cups, for the sake of saving vacation spots.

3. Go low on electricity and water consumption

You are always whining around the house, throwing irritable smirks at your kids for leaving the lights on or water running. It’s not just you but every dad around the globe, telling their kids to save on electricity and water bills.

However, the consideration has vanished as soon as you step foot into a hotel room. Since people don’t have to pay extra for the consumption of electricity and water, they tend to waste the resources by leaving the TV and AC on, and using water more than ever! We need to be as diligent at hotel rooms with lights and water as we are at our homes because the Earth is home to the human race and when it ends, it’s going to be too late for regret.

4. Quit Smoking

Not just for the sake of your own lungs but for the planet, quit smoking because have you ever wondered of what material a cigarette filter might be made of?
It’s not cotton or anything which would degenerate in a year. It is made up of cellulose acetate, a form of plastic which takes at least 18 months to decompose; that’s enough time to harm the environment.

And the pollution its fumes cause and how severely they can damage your lungs and increase the risk of mouth cancer are things that go without saying. Ergo, discard cigarettes and fulfill a dual purpose.

5. Unplug the gadgets and TV cords out of the sockets

We all do this a lot, leave a charger or TV cord plugged in the socket, even though the switch is off.

It is essential to know that the plugged-in cords still draw out power and you are saving less than what you could on your electricity bill due to this.

Also, if and when you leave for a trip or even a day out at work, try unplugging everything from the sockets and do your bit in saving energy, because it is the need of the hour!

It has become imperative for us to create a bubble of protection against the impediments we have inflicted upon the environment. It’s more than conclusive, the atrocities environment has been suffering from since modernization, and now, it is all the more necessary to go back to living like the primitives.

If we don’t want to face extinction, we must adapt ourselves to greener practices which involve changing our lives entirely. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and therefore, all you need to do is follow some simple steps and take guided measures to make the Earth habitable for the posterity and go green!

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